Saturday, 16 August 2014

Lancôme Grandiôse Mascara Review

Hi lovely mango puddings!!!

Hope you are all well-fed and relaxed and enjoying the beautiful weekend! <3 I got home this week with a surprise from Canada's VOXBOX: I was among the lucky ones to try out the new Lancôme Grandiôse Mascara! I love love love Lancôme's products to DEATH, so you can imagine my little fluffy joy bird chirping inside of me when I received the package! This is what the package looks like:

Suppppper well packaged and makes me feel like I am a VVVVVIP!! 

Dun dun dunnnnnn!! The Mascara and its box ~ I love the little transparent tip of the mascara wand and the little flower that is Lancome's signature symbol! 
The newest mascara from Lancome claims to 
have a new application technique with its new swan-neck wand, and aims to provides length, curve and volume all-in-one as well as access to all lashes from corner to corner and root to tip! 

A closer look at the wand ~~~ The brush and bristles reminds me a lot of the Benefit they're real! mascara... plasticy and has a wet formula ^^

TA-DAH!!! The Before and After Pic that I'm sure most of you are skipping the previous pics for. I would say that the Grandiôse Mascara  does a pretty good job with lengthening and volumizing my lashes, as they went from barely visible and super thin to "oh she actually has eyelashes!"

It also has pretty good lasting power, as I've had it on for the entire day and it has NOT smudged on me. However, it's not the best mascara for holding the curls. If you have super short/sparse lashes and/or have trouble curling them, you will know how frustrating it is to take 20 minutes curling your lashes (and a bit of your eyelid too if you're not careful), JUST TO HAVE IT DROOP after you apply your mascara. SADLY, I find that most wet formula mascaras have this problem, and I don't blame them because they have more of a water content as opposed to a wax content (which drier formula have). So naturally the water will weigh down your lashes, especially if you live in a humid climate. 

My lashes are more suited for mascara with drier formula, such as Benefit's BADGAL mascara (MY FAVORITE), and the Japanese Dolly Wink's Volumizing mascara. I did have the chance to try out some of the wetter mascaras like the INFAMOUS Benefit They're Real! (review post here!) and the Maybelline Mega Plush, and wasn't too impressed. Unfortunately, for my lash type the Lancôme Grandiôse Mascara would fall under this category. =(

Even though I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes, all my opinion are honest and 100% my own! Please keep in mind that even though I favour other mascaras, it may just be MY LASH TYPE and I've heard amazing things about this mascara and some of the wetter ones! I also know of some friends who can't stand dry formulas and their lashes just soak up the wetter mascaras like magic potion, so please head over to the Lancome counter and try this mascara out for yourself before deciding to buy it!!! 

Have you tried this mascara? How was it? Loved it? Hated it? Let me know!

Until next time, LOVE YOU ALL!

xoxo, Mango 

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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

How to style: Summer Florals

Hi my darling fuzzy fairies!

It's been such a long time but I finally had the time to sit down and edit my summer florals video that I filmed almost 2 months ago! WATCH IT HERE IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY! <3 

You may or may not have noticed that most of my stuff are from forever 21..... #can'thelpit #needtoshop but it just works out because they have an abundance of floral styles! 

First Outfit: White Top + Lacey Peach throwover + Pink Floral Skater Skirt

Second outfit: Floral Dress ($10!!!) with belt and MK Purse

Argh, I realized I only had one pic of my third outfit 
Daisy Crop Top + Mesh Skirt

Which one is your favorite!!! Much Much more details can be found in the video! Links are also in the video if you wanted to buy some of the items I'm wearing! <3 

Until next time, LOVE YOU ALL!

xoxo, Mango 

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Japan Trip (Pic Heavy) !!!

O.M.G I know I TOTALLY disappeared... but I got good reason!!!! (Shall reveal later). Although admist all of my disappearance i've been bugged quite a bit to update my blog! So Amira, this post is dedicated to you! LOVE YOU BABE!!! Anyways.... a lot of you guys know I went to Tokyo a whileeeee back (like in April) so to makeup for my lack of an update and my super delayed Tokyo post, i shall spam this post. You have been warned. PIC HEAVY!!!! 

I'm gonna start off with a pretty touristy post... me in a subway station. You reallie can't get more uncreative than this - I just wanted to show off my pastel outfit of the japan :D
Tell me that THIS IS NOT THE BIGGEST COLLECTION OF BEAUTY DRINKS YOU'VE EVER SEEN IN YOUR LIFE! Ok don't tell me if you're in japan cuz that would be kinda cheating. So in case you're wondering what they are.... the Japanese are leaders in the field of ingesting collagen and/or other drinks packed with minerals and vitamins and acids and collagen and goodies that are both yummy and supposedly helps you get that 20 year old skin when you're like 45. ON TOP of all the crazy skincare products they already use! *mindblown* Just FYI I bought a few of these...and will be doing a review on them later! <3 Just to see what the effects are... if they really do revitalize my skin like they claim... cuz they're not cheap you know so they better work!

See normally I would remember where I took this but because this was 4 months ago... I completely forgot. But I'm not sorry because I still think it's pretty awesome! GIANT F21 and look at allllll the ppl!!! this was at like 11pm at night btw! Funny how I remember the time but not the location <3

This, my friends, is my FAVORITE MAKEUP EVER. You can also say they are a godsend of beautifully and delicately packaged goodies to wreck the wallets of young girls... (including me). JILL STUART cosmetics are the girliest, most dainty, sparkly, princessy, pinky, throw-in-whatever-adjectives-that-resembles-the-picture!!!! I also bought some that I will REVIEW REVIEW!!! 

I LOVE JAPANESE FRUIT AND VEGETABLES TEA AND JUICE!!! especially peach tea i am OBSESSED. How can the packaging be so cute!!! #wannatakeyouhomeandneverdrinkyou

Some goodies I found in a local convenience store. PEACH WINE! (omg yums), a pack of strawberries (WHICH WERE THE SWEEETEST, FLUFFIEST, most cotton-candy tasting strawberries Ive ever had in my life no exaggeration no joke guys), some seaweed rice balls in both round and triangle shapes, and an egg. Yup. An individually packaged, cooked egg. READY for you to grab for breakfast when you're speedwalking to work! 

Ive posted this on my Instagram and captioned it: JAPANESE DRINKS DEFY GRAVITY. It's true!!!!! Another peach alcoholic drink that defied gravity! Hehehehe I was so confused when I first opened it like turns out you gotta shake it REAL HARD since it's jello ! *melts* PEACH JELLO SAKE DRINK! 

Low rez selfie but I don't care because I AM ON TOP OF THE WORLD! of Tokyo. You can see the Tokyo Tower in the background!!!!!! 

I don't think a trip to Japan will be complete without a selfie of pockies. There are literally a gazillion kinds of pockies available...I regret not snapping a pic! I guess my face will just have to do :)

I also posted this on Instagram and offered free hugs and ice cream if anyone can tell me what those Japanese characters are called because, um, I would like to order a gazillion of those bunnies on eBay please. #TOOCUTETOCAREABOUTWALLET

I want to caption this ONLY IN JAPAN but i won't. Maybe Korea or some other Asian places have this too.... but these are CIRCLE LENSES! In all types, colors, disposables, you name it. And this was just ONE CORNER of the store. There was an entire WALL of these... I actually looked forward to picking up some lenses when in tokyo but after this it kinda intimidated me..I think unless you read Jap or you are FULLY CERTAIN exactly which ones you want, you may get intimated too and end up not getting any... T.T

Random selfie of me and the fiance! (now hubby!) totally forgot where but #ohwellYOLOselfiesmoreimportant

everyone who is touristy will know that a trip to japan will ALSO be incomplete without trying TOKYO BANANA!!!!!! They are a really famous snack, which is kinda like twinkies with a banana filling (and of course being Japanese, really cute and girly print and even a bow tie at the top!) AND THEY TASTED SOOOOOO GOOD. like a 100000x better than twinkies!! I bought a pack for myself and some to take home for my friends but I couldn't help it and ate the whole thing. #sorrynotsorry

At tokyo DisneySea with the infamous DUFFYBEAR!!!!! IMO This pic look soooooo pathetic cuz it is soo obvious that I plucked out one Duffy and posed with it... but you get the idea. Also was FREEZING that day in DisneySea so was wearing 5 layers of knitwear. I kid you not. KNITWEAR! How Jap girls can tank the cold in a mini skirt and a low-cut croptop I will never understand. 

TaDah! I'm finishing this post with the famous Sakura Tree behind me! And btw, I totally took a Youtube Video featuring these trees so if you havn't already checked it out YOU NEED TO GO I WILL FEDEX ICE CREAM TO YOU <3 


xoxo, Mango 

Friday, 27 June 2014

Sweet Macaron Summer Pastel Trends!

Hi fluffy ricecakes!!!!

Guess what my new obsession is, besides crop tops. Hahahaha~~~~ The title gives it away! I'm obsessed with ANYTHING pastel, especially for the summer because they remind me of macarons and desserts and they are so YUM!!! My new video will show you how to mix different kinds of pastels into your everyday outfit, making them bright and sweet looking.




The details as to where I got everything is in the Video! <3

Which ones are your favorites?!?!!? 
Please give the video a thumbs up if you liked it, and feel free to leave a comment for me as to what looks you want to see next!!!! Hehehehe 

Talk to you sooooon!!!



Sunday, 15 June 2014

3 Crop Tops for Summer!

Hi lovely butterflies!

It's no surprise that I am obsessed with crop tops. They show up literally in every single blog post, instagram feed, and now - youtube videos! Hahhaaha (seriously, my iPhone also autocorrects anything I type starting with a c - to croptop) =.=  So here is the highly requested, second instalment of my Summer Crop Top Outfits! I almost wanna challenge myself to see how many croptop outfits I can pull together in one summer maybe like 1000? O.o

I split this lookbook into 3 themes: 

1. LET'S GET NAUTI (ha - ha - ha)
I did the shuffle moves at the end. No jokes. Hahaha

Which one is your favorite? 
Let me know! 

By the way OMG I'm from Singapore, there's this really cool site (don't say I don't share my special finds with you guys) but i now wish i permanently live there now... 

It's called iPrice Shop, and you can find all your favorite brands there UNDER ONE ROOF (my personal faves are MANGO (like duh), Michael Kors, and Marc by Marc Jacobs! It's super convenient and you will be notified when the SALES GO ON!! 

Think that's cool enough? Think again. On top of that, iPrice Shop also has a coupon page with codes to help you get ADDITIONAL DISCOUNTS!!! 

So yeah, I actually showed this site to a friend of mine who loved it so much she did a presentation on it at school =.= That's how sad I am to be missing out on it.... but for those who are residing in Singapore, definitely check the site out!!!

OKOKOK I'm gonna go bug my friend now to purchase something and bring it over to Toronto when she comes hehehheehhe!!! Love you guys!!!

xoxo, Mango 

Friday, 13 June 2014

Singapore Trip Part 1!!!

OKAY I am so sorry guys this post is a LOOOOOONG overdue post - my trip to Singapore! I've shared a couple of pics from my vacay on Instagram, but the bulk of the pics will be in THIS POST (which very pic heavy) .... stop talking start showing pics!!!!

When I was in the hotel room getting ready... sorry for the UNEDITED pics, lol too many pics too little time!!! <3 

On top of ALTITUDE.... best roof-top bar EVER!!! 

Anyone a big fan of the butter factory (a club)? For those who are familiar with it, they have a very famous in-house drink exclusively for butter factory clubbers called the butter ice tea. Sounds like long island ice tea right? LIIT usually makes me soooo gone in like, 5 minutes. Butter ice tea was .... you can google yourself as to what they put in it (i honestly can't remember) but they served it out of a CAMPBELLS soup can!!!! Like WTF@#$%@$@&#$@#$ 

* tastes terrible though, drink at your own discretion. Oh and it was also $20. just saying. 

The Famous Marina Bay Sands INFINITY POOL!!! I totally got blown whistled at after this shot, because I am such a badass and I could fall down anytime and break my whole body!! WAhahahahah!! I joke I joke (not the badass part)

one of my FAvorite food in Singapore - OTAH!!!!!! This was the first night after we landed, and I said, "I really want OTAH" and ran off to find a stall that sells it, the lady thought i wanted 4. I actually wanted 10. 10 OTAHS OMG!!!!

I forgot where this was... but it basically captured about 10% of all the good food in singapore!!!! I can't type this post no more I gotta go eat something T.T

At the Marina Bay Sands hotel again! The rooms are GINORMOUS! We did get an upgrade because the fiance flirted with the ticketing lady *notimpressed*

Last meal in Singapore... I was SO SAD!!!!! The lady behind me looked like she hadn't eaten in days though O.o hahaha.... my chicken rice was too touristy but still reallie yummy!

Know why I took a pic of this random drink? IT IS MY FAVORITE DRINK OMG it was also featured in my Youtube Lookbook Video (which you MUST SEE because it is THAT awesome)

Ending my Singapore trip Part 1 with this genius shot I took in the hotel room - I think it's so genius! The hotel room is reallie cooool, there's a bed and a huge see through glass that you can just totally creep into the bathroom and watch people take showers/ pee / poo if you wanted to! I thought that was so funny hahahha!!

Stay tuned for part 2!!!!!!

xoxo, Mango 

Sunday, 8 June 2014

[REVIEW] 1 • DAY ACUVUE DEFINE Natural Shine Daily Disposable Lenses

Hello my baby elixirs!!!

Recently I found out that my eyes weren't in top shape anymore.... it's probably due to all the circle lenses I've been wearing for extended hours at times!!! :( So my eye doctor has officially told me to stay away from them and that if I do choose to wear contacts, I could risk severely losing my vision in my left eye!!!! *CRY* Sigh. 

Which is why I am ONLY going to stick to my glasses, and daily contacts for now. But I am still vain and want the color and enlargement effect.... so I got these 1-day Acuvue Define lenses from KLENSPOP

 For contact lens wearers, I'm sure most of you have heard of Acuvue. They have an extensive range of contacts, and are among the top leaders in the contacts world, making *in my opinion* the MOST COMFORTABLE CONTACT LENSES ever! The Acuvue Define series is a colored-series that has 3 colors to enhance and enlarge your iris - the brown (vivid), black (accent), and in my case, the mix brown-black (natural shine)! 

The Acuvue Define Natural Shine contact lens has a diameter of 14.2mm, and has a soft-grey limbal ring of diameter 12.7mm to enlarge your eyes in a natural and subtle way. The inner brown design is also deliberaly not uniform in a w4y that shows that *sparkle* in your eye, as opposed to the *dead, flat look* that circle lenses tend to give because of their uniformity in design. 
 I got the box of 30 lenses (15 pairs), and because they are daily disposable lenses, they are individually wrapped and you just toss it out whenever you're done with them ~ which is a LOT more sanitary and fuss-free!!
My before and After shot - the only downside I would say is that its design didn't really fit my eyeball shape (this seems to be the general problem others were having too) - and you can sort of tell the lens is sitting in my eye weird - and it does shift around during your weartime. Mine isn't as bad as some others I've seen, where the lens will COMPLETELY slide all the way down making you look like you have double iris which can be really creepy. Mine just shifts slightly to the side and downwards, and whenever I blink they return to their "rightful" spots.

Again, both eyes wearing the lenses, one without flash in indoor natural lighting facing the window, and the bottom one with flash. Both looks SOOOOO NATURAL, and it does give your eye that "twinkle" effect WHILE still being totally discreet and subtle. 

Here is the full face selfie with me wearing the lens - I find that full face shots always help when it comes to judging facial/makeup products. It's definitely a good size in terms of enlargement, but probably not suitable for you if you're going for that gyaru - super doll look.

Design: 8/10 
The design of this lens is flawless - the limbal rings just accents the iris in the most natural way while the brown provides that sparkle effect/ MINUS 2 POINTS for the super slidey-ness though! Acuvue please fix this! 

Comfort: 9.5/10
You guessed it. As with any daily disposable product, these lenses have the highest oxygen permeability you can get and that is SUPER IMPORTANT when making sure your eyes are kept healthy. 

A common misconception is that a lot of people will look for the "water content" in a lens and judge by a higher water content that it'll be most healthy. THIS IS ENTIRELY FALSE. 

Your cornea, just like you as a human being, needs OXYGEN way more than it needs WATER. when choosing lenses make sure you pick something that has a HIGH O2 PERMEABILITY rating than a "water content" rating, because  lot of lenses out there in the market will try to promote their "water content".
Hope you guys all take good good care of your eyes and not end up like me!!! Please choose high oxygen permeable, daily disposable colored lenses if you really want that enlargement effect - I am totally guilty when it comes to that special "twinkle" in my eyes! The Acuvue Define Natural Shine is my favorite out of all the Acuvue Define series - which you can all find at KLENSPOP!

xoxo, Mango