Tuesday, 25 November 2014

[Review] Rosette Hello Kitty Acne Wash, Cleansing Wash & Strong Mint Wash

Hihi cutie kittie pies! 

As much as I hate to admit it, I'm kinda in the hello kitty bandwagon just like many of my other asian friends / bloggers hahaha!  she is just TOOOO cute and when you introduce hello kitty to the land of makeup and skincare products, you've hit jackpot! Here's the 3 hello kitty facewashes (branded under ROSETTE) that I tried out recently...and sharing my thoughts with you all! 

From Left to Right, the 3 face washes are the Acne Wash, Strong Mint Wash, and the Cleansing Wash. Can you look at the packaging please OMGGGG it looks soooooooo cute! Who can resist?!?!
A picture of what the facewashes look like when you squeeze them out of the tube. 
For reference, the Acne wash is a smooth (quite normal looking) white paste, the strong mint wash is (just like the bottle), black, and the Cleansing Wash is a bit misleading as there are tiny gritty particles in the paste that is more suitable for exfoliating. 
The Acne Wash has a very very distinctive scent. You may think I'm random but it LITERALLY smells 100% like Pocari Sweat. No exaggeration here. It's not a terrible scent, but it's just funny how sometimes in the middle of washing my face I'd get that..hmm..i miss pocari sweat feelings! ^o^ The paste lathers up REALLY WELL (as do all ROSETTE facewashes), so you only need a tiny bit to cover your entire face. It does leave your skin feeling squeaky clean, so be prepared to follow up with a strong moisturizer! In terms of reducing acne, I havn't been able to see much results in that, which is disppointing but I only get the occasional zit so... don't buy this expecting zit-zapping results!
The Strong Mint Wash is my least favorite one of all three. This kitty is NOT messing with you - the name of the facewash totally captures its essence - IT. IS. STRONG. Not just your regular type of minty, refreshing facewash, it's SO STRONG that my eyes will start to feel the mintiness in less than a minute. Even after rinsing the product off, my face still felt the strong (almost stinging) sensation of the mint. Not my favorite type of feeling. But I do think it's a GREAT WAY to force yourself to wake up on early mornings! 

Saving my favorite for last! Sorry guys, it's so obvious this one's my favorite because you can tell I'm almost out of it (ahahaha kitty is deformed!) I have super oily skin, so I love the kind of facewashes that strip away all dirt and oil, leaving it squeaky clean. It also has exfoliate beads in it which forms the gritty texture and smells like soapy apples. I use it every single night, and I love how cleaaaaan my skin feels right after! I also pile on the toner / serum / moisturizer right after, because my skin tends to get dry FAST after coming out of the shower. 

In conclusion, Rosette's hello kitty facewashes are extremely suitable for combination to oily skin, because most of them tend strip EVERYTHING off your face to leave your skin squeaky clean. Sometimes if I'm feeling lazy, I'd even skip my makeup removing step (I know, super bad, do not do this but we all know there's the extremely tired/lazy days) and use this facewash right away, and it's never led me to breakout or anything. They lather up REALLY well, so you only need a little bit each time so they last a super long time! They are also extremely economical, costing around $7-9USD on Sasa.com. I would recommend all your oily skin girlies to give it a try! 
(Plus who can turn down a cute hello kitty facewash right? ^.^)

Which is your favorite face wash????
Do Share!!! 

xoxo, Mango

Thursday, 20 November 2014

BEAUTEQUE November BB Bag Reveal!

Hi Hi Hi santa babies!!!

I've always been super curious to try those monthly subscription beauty boxes, but couldn't find any good ones which contain Korean / Asian beauty products! So when Beauteque sent me their November bag to test out, I was BEYOND EXCITED! In case you're wondering, Beauteque is an online boutique that carries a WIDE selection of korean and japanese brand name beauty and skincare products, such as Elisha Coy, Holika Holika, Etude House, Innisfree, It's Skin to name a few! They also have this program called the monthly BB Bag, where they include 5-6 items in a cute makeup bag that totals over $60 in value but you only pay $22 for it! Let's see what I got in my November BB Bag:

Package contains:
1. Mizon collagen power eye cream
2. Mizon goodnight sleeping mask
3. It’s Skin green tea calming lip and eye cleansing pads
4. Fragrance-face blotting rice sheets
5. The Face Shop 5 blackhead strips
6. Scarf (scroll down for pic)

And a super cute bright yellow makeup pouch! <3

OK Just the Mizon products alone sold me. If you knew me then you'll know I am (newly but truly) obsessed with Mizon products (read my Mizon 8% AHA peeling serum review here!)
1. Mizon collagen power eye cream
2. Mizon Goodnight Sleeping Mask
3. It’s Skin green tea calming lip and eye cleansing pads
4. Fragrance-face blotting rice sheets
5. The Face Shop 5 blackhead strips
6. Scarf just for winter!
Thank you Diya for the BB Bag and the super personal card!

Unlike your conventional monthly subscription boxes, there is no monthly subscription required or any fees associated with that! If you would like to purchase a bag for that month, you can just hop on to Beauteque's website and purchase a bag! I also love how shipping is included in the $22 that we pay for all 6 products that's worth $65USD!! But what I love even more is how dedicated to customer service Beauteque is - Diya is super amazing at replying emails and any questions that you may have, and I love customized cards which really show the team's appreciation and professionalism.

This November BB Bag is available for shipping both to the US and Canada, so get yours here!

I love all the products in the BB Bag, but feel free to let me know which one(s) you would like me to dive into an in-depth review on!!!! Love you all!!

xoxo, Mango

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Bruce Peninsula - My Hiking and Cottaging Trip

Hello fluff cakes!

So here in Ontario, people are obsessed over cottaging. It's like camping, but instead of a tent, you rent out a cottage in the great Canadian wilderness.  Out there, you can see shooting stars, clear waters, and trees trees trees!  It's a nice break from the hustle and bustle of the city.  The place I went to is called Bruce Peninsula and we were able to rent a nice cottage nearby for my friends.


Omg what is with me and my trend of makeup forgetfulness.  I think I has a memory bug.  This time, there was no lucky duty-free shop in the resort like my Punta Cana honeymoon trip.  Any how, I have lots of shots of me without makeup, I just won't show it :D

How about that water?? You can't tell, but it was freezzzzing like a popsicle!  This is me getting as far as I could into the water without turning into a snowbunny >.<

This place is about 4 hours' drive away from Toronto, but you can totally fool people into thinking this is some beach in the Philippines or Greece... I would never do that!~~

Oh and my friends dared me to drink the water cus it's so clean up there that it's totally safe... I would never do that either hehehehe, and I didn't.  Take that, peer pressure!

 Hand hold hand hold yayyy.  Does my arm look in pain to you? Cus it kind of is

Is anyone here a hiker or nature lover?  After a 40min or so hike, the view from the top is quite amazing.  I am not a nature girl, I get bitten by mosquito like a million times outside while they totally leave my hubby alone.  If I wasn't such mosquito food, I would be more like... in tune with nature too

This is another view from our hike.  The boats in the pic were for scuba divers who clearly were not afraid of the cold water like me :(  Around the cliffs there is an underwater cave that is easily accessible by scuba diving.  I am not a cave rabbit!  I go on to one of the rocky cliffs on the top right corner of this picture to take some daring pics, yay!!

My parents do not approve of this, oh well heheheheh ^__^ 

By zooming closer, it totally looks like I am on a slippery slope towards hurting myself.  They say "don't look down" when you're scared of heights, but that's one advice we all never take!
Here is me sitting on the edge of another cliff.  Can you guys tell how high this was?  After this jumping I quickly grabbed the nearest friend to safety T_T

Okie, that's the last of my pics during my summer cottage trip.  Even though I'm not a huge nature loving girl and I've contracted makeup-forget-itus, one of my fav things about cottages with my friends are these big, grand, family style meals we prepare as a group!  It just brings us so much closer and I feel like a part of a second family whenever I'm eating a grand meal with lots of people.  Now I'm wishing I took more pictures to show you guys, we were busy having fun and eating, we just wanted a break from professional photos for a day or so.  Still, hope you enjoyed!

Are you a nature person?
What's your favorite out-doorsy thing to do?
Let me know in comments!

xoxo, Mango 

Sunday, 16 November 2014

[Review] IOPE Air Cushion XP

Hello snowpies! 

Can you believe it's already snowing in Toronto? Unacceptable. Where has summer gone?! That being said, the cold weather is bringing in the super dry air, which in combination with the cold makes my skin freak out and get either reallllly oily or reallllly dry and flakey! *cries* But fear not! All the changing seasons is making me really excited to try new skincare and makeup products, and this review will be on the ever so popular IOPE Air Cushion XP. 2014 was THE year of the BB cushions - BB cream in a moist compact formula. Check out my Holika Holika BB Cushion review here

Ta-Dah! The packaging looks soooo pretty!!! 
This Air Cushion was gifted to me by Cosmetic Love, which carries a wide variety of korean beauty and skincare products. I always feel like a kid at halloween when I'm browsing their store! 

Every IOPE Air Cushion XP comes with the original compact, mirror, sponge, and the cushion itself, ALONG WITH a refill of the cushion!!! Hence with one price of $43USD, you're literally buying one getting one free. It's awesome. 
Close-up of the Air Cushion XP
IOPE Air Cushion XP in shade N21
There are 2 shades: 21 (Fair) and 23 (Light) and 3 Finishes: Natural Finish (N), Full Coverage (C), and a Shimmer Finish (S). I picked the N21 because I do get quite light in the winter times, and given my unpredictable skin finishes I didn't want to risk going either Full coverage or Shimmer. A natural finish is best for everyday wear anyway! 
You know what else I want to rave about? IOPE’s Air Cushion Compact has a SPF50 and provides both UVA and UVB protection! SPF is soooo important, yes even in the winter! 
How I usually apply it is I use deep patting motions to go over one area, then when it semi dries, I go over it again if I need additional coverage (since it's super buildable!)

 Results time! Look at the amount (and size) or pores on the BEFORE shot! O.O It seems to be very prone to oiliness and acne right? No. Checkout the "after" shot, you can't see my pores anymore (YAY!) but the flakey skin is so much more visible. It's like my skin can never win! But overall the cushion covered most of my imperfections without caking over! 
After full face makeup 
O Hai!!!! Here's a full face shot after I applied the IOPE Air Cushion and finished the rest of my makeup! Did I also mention I changed my hair color too?!?!?!?! #soexcited  OK but back to the cushion:

Final Verdict:

The IOPE Air Cushion XP feels extremely natural on my skin, it doesn't cake up my pores and doesn't make me shine like a greaseball either. Compared to the Holika Holika BB Cushion, it's definitely lighter and more for daily wear. It does have SPF50 and PA+++ , which if you know me, will know that I am the sunscreen POPO and will give anything with sunscreen a HUGEEEEE checkmark! Another thing I like about it is that it is very buildable. The initial coverage is set to be sheer, but if you wait for the first layer to settle into your skin then apply a next over the first, it can give you more coverage if that's what you need. You could also layer some loose powder on top if you want to set the Air cushion and provide additional coverage. Another thing I like is that it does not break me out! That's super important especially when my skin is already going nuts. I would recommend this Air Cushion to those with dry to combination skin, and who is after that natural finish!

In case you don't know much about IOPE, its a brand under the Amore Pacific umbrella which houses Laneige too! You can find a selection of their products HERE, or at Cosmetic Love

Have you tried this? Or any other BB Cushion Compact products? 
Which ones are your favorites???
Let me know!!!! <3 

xoxo, Mango